September 28, 2015

Monkeyrama Development Cycle

After 1 month and 1 week of development, the level-based physics puzzle game, Monkeyrama, is finally ready! It is currently waiting for review on the AppStore.

It took about 1,5 weeks to build the core game features such as throwing, monkey-switching, camera movement, level flow, etc. The menus are rather simple, so they took only half a week to create, where the hardest part for me was unlocking the levels in order, since I'm still a shitty programmer.

The next 2 weeks then went by creating levels and two new themes, of which the levels took about 95% of the time.

Finally the last week has been about listening to TestFlight testers' feedback, polishing, and creating marketing materials.

The game will be a premium game ($0.99) and iOS only for an undetermined period of time. Partly because of the obvious reason, featuring chances, and partly because I still haven't decided what monetization methods I should use on Android.

Next up is creating more levels and another theme as the first update for the game.

I sure won't develop such heavily level-based games as my next titles, as it quickly becomes a time-eater and a rather boring task, to be honest. :)

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