September 6, 2015

Simple level editing tools

Here are three (3) super simple scripts to help out when doing level editing in Unity. One of them is snagged from the Unity forums, and has the developers' credits in them. The other two I created as I felt that they'd be very useful when handling multiple game objects within the scene hierarchy. Code-wise they're no magic, but in level design they're very useful, so I figured someone else might've been looking for something like this, too.

They're called Replace, Group and Ungroup. Basically they just create or remove game objects to match your commands. 

The Group function (Ctrl+Shift+G) creates a new game object called "Group" and puts the currently selected objects under it.

The Ungroup function (Ctrl+Shift+D) removes a selected object and puts its children objects into the same place in hierarchy, where the selected object was.

The Replace function (Ctrl+Shift+R) has a separate window for it in which you have to set up what objects you want to replace and with what prefab. The objects you had selected when you hit Ctrl+Shift+R will be pre-set as the objects you want to replace.

Download them here.

Just place them in a folder called "Editor" in Unity and they should appear in the top tool bar.

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