March 30, 2018

SUMO League, i.e. Pong Remastered

Three weeks of development behind, and we're getting somewhere! 3 arenas are now available for testing, each with distinct visuals and slightly differing arena shapes!

Another new addition is the Power Toss! Players can now execute a devastating forward toss simply by catching the ball in the air and then using their normal toss.

We've been fine-tuning controls, testing new mechanics and creating new arenas. Rudimentary menus are in place too, so you can select levels etc. New input mechanics are now supported too, including keyboard (two-player capability with keyboard alone!) Also other controllers should be supported,
but not tested. XBox controllers work like a charm.

Squeeze in with your friend, because local multiplayer with a single keyboard is now supported! Pressing Esc while ingame lets you see the key bindings.

In the coming weeks we want to experiment with multiple playable characters each with different attributes. This should create interesting variation to the gameplay. We are also testing new arena styles.

Download the game on! You're welcome to come by our office in Helsinki to test it live, too, just drop us a message!

March 23, 2018

SUMO League (previously known as DERP League)

Our DERP League now changed to SUMO League!

DERP League didn't necessarily bring enough uniqueness to the table so we decided to do something else. We started to prototype a Sumo wrestling game this Monday, but ended up scratching that too. We quickly changed to a kind of volley ball soccer Windjammers type of thing yesterday, and here's the result...

It's surprisingly fun to play already! But you still need two XBox controllers and a friend to play with. Other input mechanics may come later.

So far it's been very eye-opening to develop on an entirely new platform with so much more possibilities in game mechanics than mobile. It's also proven not to be very easy to make synchronous versus game, since there's a lot to balance and take care of.

Two more weeks to go, which is plenty, especially now that we're probably not going to change everything anymore.

You're welcome to visit our office if you wanna try the game out.  😎

Or download it at

March 16, 2018

For the love of split-screen!

As big fans of Rocket League and split-screen gaming, we are disappointed for the lack of split-screen games out there. So we figured to make one for ourselves!

Introducing DERP League! It’s a free 1vs1 game for PC, requiring two XBox controllers. The core idea is pretty much the same as in Rocket League, but we plan to make the gameplay very different. In the first version, however, we wanted to get the basic controls right and the look ‘n feel OK, so it is currently only a simple version of Rocket League. But it’s still fun! We hope to bring quirky new features in the next build!

The plan is to take a one month break from our regular work of developing mobile games, and just have fun making a local multiplayer game for everyone to enjoy!

We started the project a week ago on 12th of March. We’re going to release a new version of the game every Friday until the 13th of April. Whatever state the game is in at that point, we will consider it as “final.”

Download the game at

We would very gladly hear feedback and suggestions at Good crazy ideas will be implemented!