March 23, 2018

SUMO League (previously known as DERP League)

Our DERP League now changed to SUMO League!

DERP League didn't necessarily bring enough uniqueness to the table so we decided to do something else. We started to prototype a Sumo wrestling game this Monday, but ended up scratching that too. We quickly changed to a kind of volley ball soccer Windjammers type of thing yesterday, and here's the result...

It's surprisingly fun to play already! But you still need two XBox controllers and a friend to play with. Other input mechanics may come later.

So far it's been very eye-opening to develop on an entirely new platform with so much more possibilities in game mechanics than mobile. It's also proven not to be very easy to make synchronous versus game, since there's a lot to balance and take care of.

Two more weeks to go, which is plenty, especially now that we're probably not going to change everything anymore.

You're welcome to visit our office if you wanna try the game out.  😎

Or download it at

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