March 30, 2018

SUMO League, i.e. Pong Remastered

Three weeks of development behind, and we're getting somewhere! 3 arenas are now available for testing, each with distinct visuals and slightly differing arena shapes!

Another new addition is the Power Toss! Players can now execute a devastating forward toss simply by catching the ball in the air and then using their normal toss.

We've been fine-tuning controls, testing new mechanics and creating new arenas. Rudimentary menus are in place too, so you can select levels etc. New input mechanics are now supported too, including keyboard (two-player capability with keyboard alone!) Also other controllers should be supported,
but not tested. XBox controllers work like a charm.

Squeeze in with your friend, because local multiplayer with a single keyboard is now supported! Pressing Esc while ingame lets you see the key bindings.

In the coming weeks we want to experiment with multiple playable characters each with different attributes. This should create interesting variation to the gameplay. We are also testing new arena styles.

Download the game on! You're welcome to come by our office in Helsinki to test it live, too, just drop us a message!

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