February 2, 2017

Breakout Ninja, the Tail (+ v1.1 Update)

As promised, here's "the tail" of Breakout Ninja, i.e. "What happened to the revenue and downloads after the launch week." It's not very surprising though.

(click for bigger)

Between 5th and 7th the launch with the feature spots happened, so the revenue started streaming in, with the highest paying day being the launch week's Sunday.

Between 13th and 15th the feature spots updated again, and Ninja wasn't very well featured anymore, which led into the noticeable drop in revenue.

The latter part of the tail seems to be shrinking slowly day-by-day. I'm a little surprised it's still doing about $100-$200 a day, as I assumed it'd soon go down to a few bucks per day.

The download counts follows pretty much exactly the same curve, being now at a pretty constant 1K - 1.5K a day.

Total revenue now: $36K
Total downloads now: 865K


What I definitely was not expecting during this period was a feature spot for Monkeyrama in China. My guess it has nothing to do with Breakout Ninja, and everything to do with the fact that the "Year of the Monkey" in China is ending, as the feature spot was in a category called "Quit Monkeyin' Around." 

That spot ended up more than doubling the download amount of Monkeyrama, which is now 156K.

Monkeyrama has no IAPs and only one incentived ad-placement, which can only be used when failing a level. I find it quite interesting, because the spot also ended up more than quadrupling the revenue of Monkeyrama, being now at $11K + IAPs.


After the holidays I had about 3 days to make the first update - if I wanted to stay in schedule. The last 3 days have been quiiiite a busy time, as I've clocked in about ~14-16h per day. But now it's done.

The update has pretty much a completely new design. It has 4 "Infinite" levels, 4 "Three-Star" levels and 12 "Hard" levels. It's also got iMessage Stickers, a new menu system and a bunch of improvements here and there. The IAP also now unlocks all the levels on top of removing the ads.

The update will be out next week's Thursday (9th of Feb).

Here's a sneak peek video, which only shows some parts of the "Three-Star" levels.


  1. Hi Thomas,

    Congrats on the success of Breakout Ninja. And thank you for sharing the story and numbers.

    You mention that you only display Unity Ads. Do you have a fall back ad network if there is no ad to show?


    1. Sorry, I had forgotten to reply to you.

      I don't have a fallback network. Unity's fill rate has been on avg. 99%+ which is enough for me. :)

  2. Hey Tuomas, thanks so much for these updates. Making my first game now and It's good to read about your dev experiences. Keep up the good work!

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  4. Thanks for sharing this information. It's way helpful for us first time game designers. I saw you've got two featured right now. "Space Frontier" and "Silly Walks". Congratulations! That's crazy getting two hits like that at once. I hope things are taking off you guys. Thanks again! Keep posting updates!

  5. Do you have any more posts on this? Do you have anymore stats? really inspirational.

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